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#1 Posted : Thursday, August 11, 2016 11:55:08 PM(UTC)

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Skill Changes
Ok, I have thinking for a long time , what skill can help against a rec tank, especially a rec tank that has very hi defense and HP. Also, how to help a healer when they camp them ? When a faction goes to a healer's aid to kill this rec tank, it takes a while and 2-3 players to kill it.
Stamina (SP)
Almost all of a tank's skills require SP. So, I edited the healer's skill of Stamina Slug, which originally removed 1100 SP and had a 45 second cool down. It now works like Mana Decay, the archer skill that drains 90% of a players Mana , except in this case , Stamina Slug (now renamed to Stamina Decay, will remove 90% of a players SP and it has a cool down of 2 minutes. This will force the tank to use a stamina potion if he wants to use any skills after losing 90% of his SP. Bit using a SP potion, this does not affect a tanks ability to use a HP potion, so how is this going to help?
Stamina Potions now share the same cool down as Great Healing Potions. This means in order to restore his Stamina, he is going to have one Great Healing Potion on cool down, thus affecting his ability to use HP pots to stay alive. Self heal will no longer require SP,so the SP pot cool down will not effect healers.

Most of Exile's skills have damage that is old OS levels, back when a player might have had 15k HP and at the most, a healer may have had 5k mana. Mana and Stamina shot were effective when MP and SP was at lower OS Goddess level 60 stats. Now, Mana and Stamina shot do not really affect MP and SP as most healers have 15k of each or more.
So, I increased Mana and Stamina shot to remove 2.5k of Mana or Stamina. This helps restore this old EP 4.5 skill to be of some worth again with our really high SP and MP levels on out players.
This gives your faction added help with rec tanks and healers. I know healers will complain , but they will be the first to admit that it would take 4-5 hits of either Stamina or Mana Shot to effect them, and then it is easily potted. Healers have to understand, that if you want help against rec tanks , then Stamina and Mana shot must be made to be more effective.
On OS, a rec tank was a needed toon, for tanking mobs. But in today's PVP environment, they only serve to make healers lives unbearable, and if the healers quit in pvp because of a rec tank camping them all day, then we lose having good pvp.
Also, Etain Bless is now changed to give 100 Magic Resistance as an AOE buff, instead of increasing attack speed ( which was kind of useless. Now the healer's level 60 skill is actually worth using.

All of these changes in skills are to HELP PVP last and DISCOURAGE the types of behavior that shorten a good pvp battle.

Vote Bags
Vote bags have been changed. They now drop in this order:
Letter Box
EP 500
Fused Weapon Ele
Exile Capes
Stat Rune
New gear or new weapons
1 Credit

Obviously the chance to get these items gets harder as they go up, with EP100 being the easiest to get and a Credit the hardest to get.
This new Vote Bag will help new players more than the old vote bag, and I fixed the bag to where you will not always get only EP Coin 100.
For a special Event, starting 20 Aug, the FB5 will ALSO have a chance of dropping a piece of new gear or weapon.

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#2 Posted : Sunday, August 14, 2016 6:28:58 AM(UTC)

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It is truly sad to put a minority over the majority, exile was perfect as it was, don't you remember?, we could have up to 4 raids in pvp, there are too many changes and many of these are useless, the only thing that does is scare the players, all the players only asked for one thing, new maps, new customs and nothing else, there are many modifications made in the area of the PVP Frankly, you don't even know what he's doing, the pvpers are us, leave a day the tag in a drawer and see all the difference of performance. Regards :)
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#3 Posted : Sunday, August 14, 2016 7:17:16 AM(UTC)

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If you want to help healers and 'make pvp last longer'you should consider raising the base healing and the amount of heals they get out of each WIS. In old client the most important thing was to camp the the healers with tanks, could not afford to have free wis healers in opposite raid. But now the healers are not even camped, they are totally ignored by all, even tanks. It's very easy to kill anybody now even while they are getting healed. Damage output is just so much higher than the heals we see in pvp.
The new stamina slug skill is useless in the sense that any rec/resist tank would just get ignored bc they barely do any damage. Even if the tank looses their stamina they can still do autoatk and annoy the healer. And any dps linked tank will get smoked by casters whether they have stamina or not.. so I don't see this new skill helping healers.
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Jaed on 12/6/2016(UTC)
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