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#1 Posted : Sunday, October 01, 2017 3:19:07 PM(UTC)

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Last night i joined the usual Saturday event held after GRB and noticed a big amount of rec toons ( hunters/pagans/guards even assassins ) and a decent amount of leechers too.

How about adding personal kills that will count every kill a person gets and rewards them in some way after some milestones or make a shop or smth ,this way even rec tards and leechers will try to use their brain and will try to do smth useful in pvp because afterall, getting stuffs with kills would be free stuff they`re missing out.

As for Priests, there should be a ratio like 3 kills gotten by their tab grants them a kill too or like 15 kills / raid 1 kill for them idk, just and example not exact ratios,this way they earn something too for their work.

Just an idea.
Feel free to express what you think about it and write anything that could improve this.
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Emy on 10/1/2017(UTC)
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#2 Posted : Sunday, October 01, 2017 10:50:45 PM(UTC)

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Actually its an nice idea but then Bps will be getting more kills cuz they will kill ppl at own + they will get kills those would be made by tab mates just about rec toons i heard blitz said they can be kicked from raids so just be kick them simply
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#3 Posted : Monday, October 02, 2017 1:07:06 AM(UTC)

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Eh kicking them isnt that easy actually, rec tards and leechers arent that smart by default for playing like that and most of them as i noticed hardly speak english so reasoning why they got kicked would be hard resulting in dramas etc maybe,them leaving server bla bla bla...kinda hard to make them understand what they`re doing is just stupid so i guess solving the entire problem as it is in a lets say `pacifist` way would be more beneficial.
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#4 Posted : Thursday, October 05, 2017 4:55:01 PM(UTC)

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This is discrimination based on stats. Instead of making pvp, most players count number of kills that they do not get.
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#5 Posted : Thursday, October 05, 2017 6:48:49 PM(UTC)

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This aint no discrimination based on stats,stop being an inbred redneck and dont feel offended by the 1st thing you read on the internet,it`s an idea to stop something that clearly can harm pvp
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#6 Posted : Tuesday, October 10, 2017 9:40:30 AM(UTC)

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It's not the first time this issue comes outfront. Personnaly I can't understand how one person can enjoy this game just by being unkillable. I have tried one toon once, linked my pagan on full abso/rec/wis and made a full non ele debuf weapon just to spam AR and AOES. I played it 2-3 times and got so bored that I relinked it to full int lol. But the game nature is such that it allows you to play in whatever way you like. You can even do a full str caster and just go out there and slap people on auto attack! There is no clear rule against this since the game mechanics allows you to do so.

In a strategic point of view I have to admit that these characters have some sort of impact in pvp. Take for instance a full rec/abso mage/pagan. They spam their AR and stun AOEs with a debuf weapon and this is actually working. It annoys everyone, gives advantage to their team. AR has a powerfull effect if you do not dispel it fast enough (self pot or healer dispel). Same for tanks. They can run around stunning people and annoying healers in their heals. Ofc they cannot kill anything, they wont give you kills but they will assist you in your killing process.

Healers are the most affected players from this in exile. But there is a way to by pass it, you can still keep healing/dispeling without being interupted and since you wont have to worry getting killed by 0 critical damage on you just ignore them. Spamming Heal/Dispell one after the other allows your healer to cast a heal even though the Full rec bugger hits you.

In my opinion the problem here is mostly the players who waste their time trying to kill these characters. They get frustrated and start dramma demanding the leaders to kick these players. Healers leave raids etcetcetc.

Only one solution : ignore and keep targeting other players. The main goal in pvp is to kill or to help in killing.

Like I saied, personnaly I didnt enjoy playing a full rec/abso/resist/debuf pagan. But if you or your budddy finds it enjoyable, who am I to judge you? Why would be rant and QQ against these and not against full str melees or full int casters? Isn't it furstrating to die in 3 hits by a caster? By one spin from a fighter/warior?

I hope you get the point and you will all calm down and just try to keep pvp alive no matter what class/build your opponent choses.

P.S. I admit that I have also yelled and complained in PVP against these builds, but in the end i just ignored them cause they feed on your frustration and QQ. Just watch for example [HOT] from Black List. The only words he knows in english are "QQ more". So no point in wasting time trying to reason with them. They like what they do, they have the right to do what they do.
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yes on 10/10/2017(UTC), Emy on 10/10/2017(UTC), Danae on 10/11/2017(UTC), [GOODAZZ]411 on 10/13/2017(UTC), Joy on 1/9/2018(UTC)
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#7 Posted : Friday, October 20, 2017 2:40:25 PM(UTC)

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This is what you call Stat Build/s. You may go full DPS, full REC, or mixed depends on what you really want and we all know that different builds has it`s PROs and CONs. If you are smart enough during pvp, then you should not aim the ones who would take you ages to kill, instead go for easy kills; the soft ones. These RECturds don't really do damage at all and I don`t see why people love to play this kind of build, it's really boring. I'm not really sure if this really kills pvp but it sure gets rid of the fun. And also Blitz just recently announced that Raid leads can kick recturds in raid, so no problem just kick it. And for leechers, well a warning before a kick would be justifiable since they won't or don't contribute to pvp.

You're opinions are all great but we should all remember 1 thing in PVP. GO GET KILLS. Doesn't matter if you keep aiming those blue ranked players and weak ones. This is WAR, Kill as much as you can! >:DD

Cheers! Have fun playing Shaiya Exile!
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#8 Posted : Saturday, October 28, 2017 2:48:50 PM(UTC)

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I think is better to make wis link-able just for oracol/priest and if they still want to make full rec stats without wis they are easy targhets for mage/pagan. The leachers fo rec/wis stats and hard to kill them but wihout 1 of the stats they are easy targhet to other class warr/fighter or mar/pagan.
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